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Gradient Square

36"x 36"



Piece made while learning how to use a TC2 and understanding how change in structure reflects change in shade.


Raised by an architect and engineer, structures have always been comforting to me. Grids are sentimental and systems give support.  I work with textiles because weaving naturally lends itself to the idea of comfort being found in tactile stability.  My experimentation with structure, material, line, and repetition create pieces that contain depth, weight, form, and perspective.       

Dreaming of My Mother

18" x 24"

silk and telephone wire


Handwoven on a jack loom. Made after my grandmother passed away and I had dreams of loosing my own mother.

Woven Line Drawing 

36"x 52" 



Created a simple line drawing and photocopied the image over itself again and again until the page was full.  The TC2 acts almost like a printer and inspired me to weave it and see how the image translates across mediums.  

Concrete Circle

8" x 8"

Paper pulp 


I was working on creating a series of concrete casts.  However I ran into problems with the weight of the material on my body and the environment.  In search of a material that took on similar appearances I found newspaper pulp was an easy replacement.  

Untitled 2

40" x 24"



Handwoven on a jack loom.  

Foam/Wire Weaving

18" x 16"

foam, wire, and cotton


Experimenting with creating mailable soft weavings that are strong.  


18" x 6"

monofilament, cotton, silk, and wire 


Woven on a monofilament warp with large floats in the middle that allow for the viewer to see both the front and back of the weaving at the same time.  

Woven Patchwork

36" x 36"



Strips woven on a rigid heddle loom that were then cut and sewn together.  Observations in how pattern is controlled at multiple stages of making.  


36" x 50"

telephone wire and cotton




18" x 24"

cotton, linen, wire, and paper 


Woven on a jack loom, I cut hole in the weaving and folded it over on itself to create layers.  Inspired by the shapes and textures of Iceland in the spring time.   

Movement Distortion

36" x 48"



The boxes are stills from a video I took of the ocean.  The background is a close up of a woven bag made of hemp rope.  In this piece I layered two ideas.  The first was a test to tell if I could see the differences in the frames clearly and possibly reassembly them into a woven video.  The second, to see how woven texture can be seen through a woven texture.  

Two Columns

60" x 48"

Paint, nails, and black thread 


thinking about bridges, brutalism, and the beauty of making a warp for a loom  

My sketchbook

11" x 8"

ink and paper



Weaving Samples

3" x 3"

cotton, wire, and mohair


Working series of personal swatches



4" x 4"

paper, cotton, and linen



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